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Get to know your ninjas!

Running an efficient medical practice can be a daunting challenge: Lower reimbursements, Meaningful use, PQRS, and Implantation of ICD 10; Are just a few of the important issues that a medical offices must deal with on a daily basis.

Administrative and regulator headaches often place an undue burden on physicians and staff, reducing revenue and profit. It’s no wonder that physician’s surveys, report historically low satisfaction rates among private practices.

With Ninja Billing we could be the perfect answer to addressing your practice management issues.  At this point, you’re already thinking “My staff is already handling this”. The answer is simple. More money and fewer headaches!

The fact is Medicare rejects over a $500,000 in claims on an annual basis. Numerous studies show that medical practices routinely fail to resubmit rejected claims leading to a 10% reduction in the average physician’s income. That’s a 10% reduction with just Medicare alone that can be easily avoided!!

For the average practice, outsourcing your billing not only increases revenue but frees up valuable staff time.  As your trusted partner at Ninja Billing, we have a diverse work force with numerous areas of focus.  We pride ourselves on our knowledge, expertise and accessibility. Unlike your current staff, we do not get sick and we never take a vacation. There is always someone available to address your concerns.

So how does Ninja Billing work? The process involves the transition of administrative responsibilities away from your medical office staff to our Ninja experts. Usually, your practice will still be responsible for: Patient Appointments, Demographic Information, Checking Eligibility, and Capturing Charges for each encounter.

The charge information is then submitted by: Fax, Scan or Software Interface. Whichever mode best fits your practice. We then scrub the claims, Submit them Electronically, Post Payments and Perform Necessary Follow-Up.

At Ninja Billing, we believe in transparency and accountability in everything that we do. You can always check in on us, anytime, anywhere with your private web-based portal. This allows you to monitor our work and results in real time. No more being left in the dark when it comes to evaluating the financial health of your practice.

So why not contact us today to see if Ninja Billing is right for you?