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Are You Familiar With Your Specialty Tiering?

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The objective of the Optum® Clinical Support Program is to facilitate the adoption of current best evidence into practice, leading to less variation in decision-making and resulting in more affordable and higher quality health care services. To accomplish this, Optum has developed an integrated set of outreach activities based on the degree to which an individual provider’s decision-making varies from that of peers and current best evidence.

Paycheck Protection Program Resumes

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These times are challenging. Our goal is to assist our customers with information and education that they may find useful and to help ensure their success.

In part of that continued support, we wanted to pass along this important news regarding updates on the SBA loan with the Paycheck Protection Program, which is a loan designed to provide a direct incentive for small businesses to keep their workers on the payroll. Those that have loans in process that were previously suspended, will now be addressed. We would also encourage those that have not applied, and may be eligible, to consider applying. 

Make Sure Your AR Is Getting Love Too!

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Do you like throwing away money? Of course not! Accounts Receivable is just as important as billing. Your Accounts Receivable is sort of part of a no man’s land between inflow and outflow. It will be inflow, but isn’t yet. And since you made the outlay of the treatment, service or product, it’s a cash outflow. But it will be returned. Having Accounts Receivable is a positive thing for your business: it means you’re making sales which are an important first step towards business success. But the second step is just as important: collection.

Think of Accounts Receivable like mini loans to your customers; credit that you are extending because you’ve paid for the inventory and delivered it to them or you’ve performed a service for them and they still owe you. You’re basically fronting for them. And the quicker the turnaround on Accounts Receivable the better. Great, you say, but how?

BCBS Refund Requests

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Blue cross blue shield has experienced several issues these last few months that have resulted in claims being processed incorrectly. Starting October 1st 2019 - all FL BLUE plans (have an H in the member ID) - should have been DENIED if billed to BCBS and resent to ASH for processing.