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Denials Are Important Too - Don't Wait To Get Your Money


When it comes to the financial health of your practice, nothing has a greater impact than the people behind your billing. Whether in-house or outsourced, you need a team you can trust — and one with the experience to do the job right.

We consider ourselves a hybrid billing company. We work remotely; however, we are available throughout the day to answer any questions you have while remoted into your software. Giving you 100% transparency of your clinic.

A recent Quest Diagnostics survey of more than 300 private practice owners, co-owners and partners provides insight into the greatest pain points related to physician billing.  A closer look reveals opportunities for practices to potentially improve the financial health of their businesses while reducing the time spent handling claims, coding and educating staff about the evolving reimbursement landscape.

The varying requirements from payers pose a continuous challenge to physicians who find themselves facing tighter time constraints and declining reimbursements. It can be difficult to stay current with payer contracts, payment schedules and changing rates for commonly used codes.

The most common bottleneck we hear from providers is they never have time or don’t understand what to do with denials – so they pile up. Whether it's a PIP denial or Health denial - they need your attention! Leaving money on the table is never a good feeling. Whether you have in-house billing or have out-sourced billing - make sure they are taking the time to repair the denials and get you the outstanding money

Ninja Billing doesn’t wait to tackle your denials. We take the immediate and appropriate steps to ensure the claim is appealed/repaired and re-processed for consideration.

Auto: If claims are being denied by the PIP carrier – we take multiple steps before PIP suiting! We will make sure we have done everything in our power as well as updating the attorney on file with the denials to make sure they are up-to-date with the case as well. By us taking that extra step and contacting the insurance company – you are able to get paid quicker than a PIP Suit.

Health: Sick of losing money and wasting time on denials you don’t understand? When the denials that come through, we appeal and repair on your behalf and get them out within 48 hours to make sure the insurance company reimburses you the correct amount.

By tackling the biggest problems head on, you can proactively engage with the fiscal fitness of your practice in a way that shows real results, all while working to increase your efficiency.