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Denials Are Important Too - Don't Wait To Get Your Money


When it comes to the financial health of your practice, nothing has a greater impact than the people behind your billing. Whether in-house or outsourced, you need a team you can trust — and one with the experience to do the job right.

We consider ourselves a hybrid billing company. We work remotely; however, we are available throughout the day to answer any questions you have while remoted into your software. Giving you 100% transparency of your clinic.

A recent Quest Diagnostics survey of more than 300 private practice owners, co-owners and partners provides insight into the greatest pain points related to physician billing.  A closer look reveals opportunities for practices to potentially improve the financial health of their businesses while reducing the time spent handling claims, coding and educating staff about the evolving reimbursement landscape.

The varying requirements from payers pose a continuous challenge to physicians who find themselves facing tighter time constraints and declining reimbursements. It can be difficult to stay current with payer contracts, payment schedules and changing rates for commonly used codes.

Are You Protecting Yourself From Ransomeware?

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On October 04, 2019 - The FBI released an alert this week about an increase in ransomware attacks across all sectors, including healthcare, state and local governments, and other infrastructure targets. Over the last few months, the healthcare sector has seen two separate providers permanently close and others forced into downtime after falling victim to ransomware. A McAfee report recently showed ransomware attacks have doubled in 2019.

According to two recent reports from Emsisoft and the Institute for Critical Infrastructure technology, 491 providers have fallen victim to ransomware so far this year and hackers are ramping up ‘disruption ware’ campaigns for a greater impact on its victims. “Ransomware attacks are becoming more targeted, sophisticated, and costly, even as the overall frequency of attacks remains consistent,” FBI officials wrote. “Since early 2018, the incidence of broad, indiscriminate ransomware campaigns has sharply declined, but the losses from ransomware attacks have increased significantly, according to complaints received by IC3 and FBI case information.”

Understanding PIP & What It Means To Be Exhausted

Auto Insurance

What Exactly Is PIP?

Florida is defined as a “no fault” state. Every driver in Florida is required to carry insurance that has Personal Injury Protection, commonly referred to as PIP. Personal Injury Protection is paid out by your insurance company even if you were not at fault for the accident. Florida statute 627.733, or the Florida PIP statute, states:

An insurance policy complying with the security requirements of 627.733 must provide personal injury protection to the named insured, relatives residing in the same household, persons operating the insured motor vehicle, passengers in the motor vehicle, and other persons struck by the motor vehicle and suffering bodily injury while not an occupant of a self-propelled vehicle, subject to subsection (2) and paragraph (4)(e), to a limit of $10,000 in medical and disability benefits and $5,000 in death benefits resulting from bodily injury, sickness, disease, or death arising out of the ownership, maintenance, or use of a motor vehicle.

Did You Hear About the BCBS Expansion?

Time for an Update

Last week Florida Blue announced its expansion of American Specialty Health Group, Inc. (ASH) network management for its Preferred Patient Care and Traditional (PPS) networks. Per Florida Blue’s notice, “This includes those in the Federal Employee Program® and members of other Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield plans accessing through Blue Card®.” This has caused a number of member calls from those concerned about the expansion.