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Common Queries and Questions

Ninja Billing offers multiple different services. Our service levels vary, however, if you wanted to pick and choose what you wanted, feel free! We are an “a la carte” company and love to assist the doctors where they truly need it. The services we offer are: Basic / Advanced Billing, Patient Collections, Social Medias, New Website & Managing, Records Requests: Attorney’s & Other Health Professionals, Interviews / Hiring Recommendations, Business Management, Practice Analytics, IT Security, Attorney Correspondence, and ChiroTouch (we come with the software) & train staff.
Depending on what you are looking for, our services range from: basic billing services to advanced. We have a formula that we run to determine the pricing - A simple consult can give you pricing in minutes. We have time and time again proven that we come out cheaper than an “inhouse” employee and are 10x more productive and efficient.
We accept Checks and Direct Deposit (ACH). We let our clients choose what day best fits for their monthly payment. If you would like to choose weekly or bi-weekly payments – that is an option as well.
We are National. Since Ninja Billing is considered a “hybrid” company - we remote into the doctors’ servers and are able to work anywhere in the world.
Absolutely. Not ready to hire Ninja Billing? That’s okay – we are still willing to speak with you and give you advice on your company. Sometimes, an outside opinion is all you need.
We are in constant contact with attorneys on patient records, settlement reductions/counters and case status’s (exhausted & IME’s). By keeping close contact with the attorneys – not only does it provide great service, we are able to be 100% accurate with the patients cases and we can manage AR efficiently.
Email Us for Questions Involving Payments, Billing, and Membership.